We Asked…
Every Wednesday for the next few weeks Chapters will be asking each stylist what product is their ‘go to’ favourite! We will then post what & why they love about it, so you can have a real insight to each member of our team!
pop in to either salon if you fancy trying any of their favourites!






We Asked… Salon Joint Owner… Lorraine Merchant 





“…Revlon have created a haircare concept that really uses that ‘All In One’ saying to its full potential. I wouldn’t be without it, I use it after shampooing and conditioning my hair from the mid lengths to the ends, to stop my ends from becoming dry. The UniqOne adds moisture to hair, protects hair from heat, controls unwanted frizz, gives a real shine and comes in 2 amazing scents! An all in one product, that really does do it all!…


Revlon – The UniqOne

“…Does Everything ‘All in One’…”